We are sharing the words of Christ to everyone, regardless of religion, race or nationality through the internet. We are encouraging every individual to know, observe and follow the Words of Christ.

The scope of our sharing together primarily revolves around the spoken words of Christ as recorded in the gospel. We believe that the words of Christ can stand alone without consulting the Old Testament writings, the Letters of the Apostles or some alleged sacred books for validation.

Jesus is the Truth and His words must be true. Nobody can tell the whole truth except the Truth Himself. It is of vital importance that we leave His words unadulterated, free from thousands of confusing doctrines of men. Let His word speaks for itself.

If you are wanting at this point to search the scriptures, we cannot help you in attaining that goal. However, if your desire is to learn more from Jesus about His spoken words and teachings to obey them, then this is the right place. We are more than glad to help you grow deeper in His words.

There will be no room for baseless or endless argument to prove who is right among us. We are all learners and no one has the monopoly of truth outside Christ. Unless He opens the eyes of our understanding, we can never know the magnitude and full impact of His teachings upon our lives.

“What Jesus Says” is the most important question to answer when we are confronted with big decisions in life. We compiled several sayings of Christ from the gospels and arranged them under wide range of topics. The words of Jesus are final and pure message from God. You will be blessed as you learn His teachings and follow them as your daily guide.

As you read what Jesus is saying, you are not reading a church doctrine or dogma. You are on your own, with the help of God, searching the truth in Christ Jesus. Allow Jesus to enlighten you with His words. His words are plain and simple. It is possible to understand clearly His words which He had spoken and were recorded in His gospel.

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