1. What is the purpose of our website?

A: The purpose of our website is to publish the words of Christ and encourage everyone to live by His words and teachings. Be a doer of His words and not only a hearer.

2. Why do we follow Christ and His words?

A: We practice His words because we love Him. Love is the motivating factor in doing His will.

3. Are you teaching the Bible?

A: No, we are not Bible teachers. We are concentrating on the sayings of Christ. You can go to other website that does teach the Bible.

4. If you are not teaching the Bible, are you against the Bible?

A: No, we are not in the business of approving or rejecting the veracity of the Bible.

5. Do we have to follow the Bible?

A: You have to if you believe that it is the word of God.

6. What do you call those who follow the Bible?

A. Biblians, read our perspective about the Bible.

7. Can we follow the Bible?

A: We don’t think anybody can follow the teachings of the Bible including the Law.

8. Why do you keep mentioning the words of Christ in your presentations?

A: Jesus taught His disciples with the same words we are now sharing. The disciples became learners or students of the teachings of Christ and nothing more. They came out at the end, great followers of Jesus Christ.

9. What is a “follower of Christ”?

A. It is simply like what it says, following Jesus through His Words. Do what He says.

10. Can we be good followers of Christ without reading the Epistles and other sacred writings?

A: If your desire is to follow Him like the disciples, our answer is yes.

11. Are the words of Christ in the gospel complete and all-inclusive revelation of God?

A: Yes, Jesus Christ is the only full and final revelation of God. The Father declared that He is His beloved Son and we ought to hear from His son.

12. You sounded different from the mainline Bible believing christianity. Are you a modern-day cult?

A: No, we are not a cult. We follow no man, prophets or apostles except Jesus Christ. Our faith is built upon His words alone.

(Monday, 12 May 2003)

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