There is a call from certain segment of the Muslim world to convert Americans to Islam. Religious groups of different colors had been in a mission to convert others to their religion, presumably from wrong to right way of life. Christian Churches have been in existence because of their missionary fervor to convert the whole world to their religion. They have been in denial of this goal since they believe that their missionary work is but a concerted effort to convert people to Christ and not to recruit people to become a member of their group.

Conversion is a dirty word for domination by denomination. Jesus used the word “convert” once and it was not pretty application of missionary goal. No one had been converted to the religion of Jesus in the gospel. Apparently, Jesus had no religious affiliation nor was an advocate(crusader or Jewish zealot) for a violent forceful change.

“Woe to you,

teachers of the law and Pharisees,

you hypocrites!

you travel over land and sea to win a single convert ,

and when he becomes one,

you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

Matt 23:15

History tells us that there were good things religious missionaries had contributed to the advancement of western civilization, particularly in arts and sciences. However, the socio-political brand of religion did injustice to the moral complexion of the whole world. They go to war in the name of peace and kill people in exchange for a meritorious reward after life. Hatred is their manifesto for victory which is contrary to the teachings of Christ.

The words of Christ supersede any religious manifesto or creed on earth. A fast inventory of the fruits or end results of many “conversions” were very discouraging, lots of “actors” or hypocrites were made and passed through the manufacturing line of indoctrination.

Can you imagine how bad we may become if we are converted to someone’s religion? Jesus said that we will be twice as bad as a son of Hell if we become one of them. The real terrorists are the religious hypocrites who were bound to destroy lives and cripple individuals with explosive words of hatred and indifference.

WOJC is not in the business of conversion. We publish the words of Christ and leave them germinate in your hearts. It is up to the Lord to call you to Himself like He did to the rest of us. We are not converted to keep on changing our spiritual crutches. Jesus is enough for us for He is our constant friend and Lord.

(Monday, 04 September 2006)

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