I have witnessed church wranglings and ecclesiastical turmoil due to diehard members as well as ministers who insisted that the Constitution and By laws of the organization must be followed to its smallest letter.

The Constitution and By laws were made to have an orderly conduct and sound management of the church affairs. But why we still see churches disintegrate in spite of a good and solid Constitution and By laws in place?

I always believe that the church is a personal project of the Lord. He said, “I will build my church”. This is His church. He builds it with His creative words. Our church may not be His church. We always assume that our church is His church. He never asked us to help Him build a church. The church in the new testament era had always been a by-product of man’s desire to congregate and be in fellowship with one another. I leave this issue of forming or joining a church to individual calling and persuasion. Please don’t ask me where or what church to go.

Well, let’s go back to our topic. What we need today is a simple rule of conduct that will bind us together in unity. I call it “Christitution”. Again, What He says is the rule, first and foremost. His teachings are great to follow. We are one in Him. He constitutes us. As for our By laws, we have His By love. Christ demonstrated His love and taught it with
simplicity. Problems will be prevented if we follow His “By Love” for it is the greatest of all commandments. Our own by laws may help us but it is not a substitute to the By love of the Lord.

Presently, I am not a member of a church but I belong to the family of God whose constitution is Christ for without Him we can do nothing, and the by laws is the simple “By Love” commandment of the Lord. We always work through our love to God and to our neighbors. The so-called church of today has complicated their rule of engagement that members enjoy the entrapment.

(Saturday, 28 August 2004)


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