Sexual Harassment

The media is making the word harassment a popular term now a days. To coerce somebody against their will is an act harassment. When crafty intimidation is exercised with regularity over somebody, this is harrasment.

God our Father has given every individual a free will. No one should impose his will against the will of other people. This is the hallmark of our freedom and liberty. Equality in human right makes our society peaceful and in order.

Jesus is a man of peace because He did not force anybody to accept His teachings. He never forces us to like or love Him. He is unlike some of the established religious organizations who coerce people, systematically assaulting them with their gospel of fear and intimidation. Jesus can not be a good terrorist. He abhors murderers and those who kill themselves for the termination life on earth.

In regards to sexual harassment, our society has to be blamed, both sexes are guilty of casual sex, extramarital affairs and infidelity. Adultery is a long forgotten term, archaic and religious extremism.

Sex is good with the right partner but horribly bad when is done against the will of other person. This world promotes sex the wrong way, our fashion style is bordering to nudity and some of our television show are mild semi pornographic. Illicit sex is commonly exposed to minors. We have created sexual pollution that our people are madly looking for sex whether they need it or not.

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