Christmas is to forgive more than to give.

If you believe that the origin of Christmas is the day Christ was born regardless of the dating accuracy of our calendar. The Almighty Supreme Being gave His only begotten son Jesus Christ to us for the forgiveness of our sins.

Christmas is a holiday because it is a holy day of forgiving one another of our trespasses. Gift giving is our inner sentiment and true feeling towards our neighbors and loved ones. We share gifts because we love them, no ill feeling in our heart, forgiving them without reservation.

We set aside political and religious differences to celebrate Christmas. Republican and Democrats, Muslims and Christians are forgiving one another for the sake of peace and goodwill among all people. Or we may have our last Christmas because of a nuclear war. Human hatred escalates everyday to the point of insanity and irrationality.

If the Lord God can forgive us, so we can do also. It is easier to forgive than not to forgive. Humble yourself before Him and allow His spirit of forgiveness to rule or take control of your life. Jesus taught His disciples to ask forgiveness as we forgive our debtors.

Christmas is merry because I am forgiven and you are forgiven too to start a new day. The heavy load of pride and arrogance is lifted from us.  Christmas is more than gift giving. It is a time of reconciliation and loving one another.

Sexual Harassment

The media is making the word harassment a popular term now a days. To coerce somebody against their will is an act harassment. When crafty intimidation is exercised with regularity over somebody, this is harrasment.

God our Father has given every individual a free will. No one should impose his will against the will of other people. This is the hallmark of our freedom and liberty. Equality in human right makes our society peaceful and in order.

Jesus is a man of peace because He did not force anybody to accept His teachings. He never forces us to like or love Him. He is unlike some of the established religious organizations who coerce people, systematically assaulting them with their gospel of fear and intimidation. Jesus can not be a good terrorist. He abhors murderers and those who kill themselves for the termination life on earth.

In regards to sexual harassment, our society has to be blamed, both sexes are guilty of casual sex, extramarital affairs and infidelity. Adultery is a long forgotten term, archaic and religious extremism.

Sex is good with the right partner but horribly bad when is done against the will of other person. This world promotes sex the wrong way, our fashion style is bordering to nudity and some of our television show are mild semi pornographic. Illicit sex is commonly exposed to minors. We have created sexual pollution that our people are madly looking for sex whether they need it or not.

Be humble as a dove.

Jesus teaches humility as a mark of a true leader. The downfall of a leader comes when he becomes arrogant and unforgiving tyrant as seems as if he does not fail in life at all.

Jesus said that he who humbles himself shall be exalted or vindicated after all is said and done. The weakness of a leader is obvious when he displays his intolerant attitude, refusing to listen to the opinion of other people. He thinks highly of himself. His pride is killing him.

It takes self control to be a humble person. His words are tempered with flat out love for others. He tweets not to downgrade somebody but lifts the spirit of his counterpart higher than his level of spirituality.

Let us pray for all the leaders of this world, our president, senators, congressmen and cabinet members. They must know the importance of being humble like Jesus Christ as a leader to avert catastrophic or miscalculated reaction against their perceived enemies.

In fact, every person should be level headed and humble enough to get along with our fellowmen. A humble person is non-racist, acknowledging that we are created equal. A humble person loves and blesses the poor. Be humble as a dove with love and peace with all men.