My name is Angel Y. Reyes and I am the editor and the main contributor of this website since its inception more than 15 years ago. I purposely tried to be incognito from and to the public arena. Hidden from the spotlight of personal fame and popularity. After all, the central figure of our website must be our Lord Jesus Christ and His everlasting spoken words.

The website is 100 percent for Christ and all the glory belongs to the Almighty. I am afraid to take a  share from His honor and glory. I do not deserve it whatsover.

I am coming out in the open for public to know a  little about me. There is no big deal nor a breaking news. I am a normal person with good public record. I had been in the closet, praying and having comunion with the blessed Holy Spirit as Jesus commanded us to do.

I had been sick with serious illness  lately and that is the reason why the website has not been updated regularly. Please pray for me so that I can continue managing the website, WOJC.COM.  I need help in my old age. Make no mistake that I am complaining about this predicament.

I am nothing, nothing in the sight of the Fathet Almighty. Thanks for the encouraging comments from around the world. I love you all.

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