We Are Not Hollier Than You.

This website since it’s beginning maintains not to become one of many religious sects or church organizations. However, we are not a cult propagating a new teaching, we  have nothing new to offer. No one here had special revelation to start a new church. The word of Jesus Christ is from the beginning of time but it was made manifested 2000 years ago. Our belief is anchored and rooted upon the spoken words of Christ.

We are different breed of people for we are not like other religious fanatics or christians by name only. We follow no other Teacher and Master but the Lord Jesus Christ. We yielded to the full control of the Lord Holy Spirit and the Supreme words of Christ. We interpret His words as literal as possible because our motive is to follow Him to death. His words are easy to follow, no question about it if you are willing to forsake everything in His NAME.

There are few subscribers who are encouraging us to establish a church. The temptation is strong to start a church but for what reason. We have many churches around us. Some are good, some are terribly bad. Attend to a church where you belong or abandon the church that does not feed you with the truth. We would rather be churchless than be hypocrites and go to hell.

We love you dearly. Please don’t  be offended by our reminders. We are not hollier than you. The truth shall make us free.