Churches are mainly man-made.

It is easy to see faults and shortcomings in the established churches. There are hypocrites in the church who do not practice the faith. However, the churches are growing in converts in spite of the exodus of the dissatisfied members. Most churches have the good intention to help others and they do a real good job at it.

We believe churches of all denominations are mainly man-made and perhaps with minimal divine approval considering some supernatural manifestations associated with the organized group; such as the new birth, gift of healing and etc. There are also abuses of the gifts of the “spirit” and the commercialization of the gospel which many of these churches proudly practice tithing and giving as an act of kindness or benevolent service to humanity.

Pastors, ministers, and clergymen receive their support and livelihood from tithes and offerings. Churches are bound to promote the idea of “giving to God” to support the pastoral ministry. We know that God does not need anything because He is a self-sufficient God. Our Father is a giver more than a receiver as extolled at the sermon on the mount.

Many churches are sophisticated enough to look like profit-making fast food business. They may offer and serve good food but for profit in mind and to gain new converts.  Is it wrong to make churches as a venue for profit or crossroad for commercialization? Definitely yes. Once Jesus displayed His displeasure on those thieves who converted the house of God into a den of thieves, selling and buying commodities.

Hopefully, you are not a part of the machine, that manufactures finish product from an assembly line and considers you as a number for promotional purposes. Beware of a pastor, minister or clergyman who can preach well for they are a good salesperson, number one in the world of salesmanship.