Make it simple, accept what He says.

The Word, Jesus Christ is the voice of the eternal God. Whenever the Father speaks Jesus speaks at all times. The words he heard from His Father, those He exactly  gave them to us in pure form, raw and fresh in the spirit.

The word of God never changes and abides forever. Who is the God that never changes? He is the Father of Jesus Christ. We must accept this truth and should not be a subject of controversy. When Jesus said that God is His Father. Let it be so. He won’t lie to us for He is the Truth. Christ divinity is at stake if He lies.

The basic and main root of our belief is in the spoken words of Christ. His words are accurately preserved by the Holy Spirit handed down through generations of men. Now, we should not question the works, mission and advent of the Holy Spirit because it was Jesus Christ who taught us about the Holy Spirit.

The existence of Jesus Christ, The Father and the Holy Spirit is not a matter of our doctrinal differences. This truth originated from the Great Teacher, Jesus Christ. He started this truth and so be it.