Organic Words

As we all know, this website is purely dedicated in the propagation of the words of Jesus Christ to the whole world regardless of religion or race. We love honestly all the people of the world. We have no enemies for we love them too.

 The main practice here is to give words of Jesus Christ as simple as possible; natural and organic spoken words without theological additives.

The rule we follow is what Jesus says, we must do. His words is our guide to live by, his teachings is supreme over all religious dogmas or tenets of faith. All debates and arguments stop when Jesus begins to advance His thought and wisdom. We hear from Him and adhere to every word He had spoken. PERIOD.

We are not the sons of God if we don’t have the power to become one. Jesus Christ alone can give us the ability to become somebody after receiving Him. The transformation comes through Jesus Christ. True spiritual change is impossible to achieve without the help of the Holy Spirit. The words of Jesus are life giving spirit, dead rose up upon His command.

We follow His words, clear and simple. Life and death or heaven and hell depends on whether we obey Him or not. We are judge according to His words.

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