Fake News

A fake news is not a good news nor a bad news. It is not a news. It is in disguise as a news but actually a propaganda to discredit other person. 

The words of Jesus Christ are all true and reliable. Every dot of His words is bound to materialize as it will come to pass according to its purpose. The real news is centrally bound in the person of Jesus Christ. He is the Truth and there no lie or darkness in Him. Even a bad news is a good news in Jesus Christ. He can turn our miseries to joy, fear to comfort and death to life.

It would be foolish not to celebrate the day Jesus came to this world. We don’t know what day and date He came but we are thankful that He came to dwell among us. In fact, we can celebrate our new life in Christ everyday of the year whether the birth date of Jesus is on December 25 of each year or not.

The message of the angels from heaven is good news to everyone. Never a fake one. The world we lived in are full of fake things. Very few things are real anymore. People are lost in the sea of false illusions perpetuated by modern “false prophets.”