Knowing the Holy Spirit – Part 2

And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it sees him not, neither knows him: but ye know him; for he dwells with you, and shall be in you. John 14:16-17

Let us break down these two verses of the words of Jesus concerning the Holy Spirit. First of all, Jesus asserted that we can know the Holy Spirit while the world can’t see nor know Him, the Spirit of Truth. Everyone should endeavor to know the Person of the Holy Spirit. He was given to us to know Him personally like Jesus Christ who was given to us by the Father in heaven. Very few Christians know the Holy Spirit experiencially, never talk to Him nor live by Him. Do you know the Holy Spirit can hear our inner voices? Our spirits can be wired to the Great Spirit who is abiding with you and in you.

There are three things Jesus mentioned about the Holy Spirit when He comes after Christ is gone. 1) The Holy Spirit will abide with you forever. The abiding presence of the Holy Spirit shall be with us on whatever places we may go since the Holy Spirit is omnipresent. We are always within the range to give and receive  the “signal” to and from the Holy Spirit of God. 2) The Holy Spirit will dwell in you and with us. He will reside where we are as a permanent resident.This is mind-boggling and hard to comprehend but it is the truth. 3) The Holy Spirit will be in you because you know Him personally. Knowing the Holy Spirit as a “Person” makes the difference between theological concept and personal relationship.

How real the Holy Spirit in your life? Are you led by the Spirit of God? You can grow in the knowledge of the Spirit. He can help you in learning how to live under the anointing of the Spirit. We learn about the Holy Spirit through the words of Jesus Christ and we learn Jesus Christ through the guidance and witness of the Holy Spirit.

Knowing the Holy Spirit – Part 1

To begin with in discussing about the Blessed Holy Spirit, let us first reconfirmed our faith and trust on our Lord Jesus Christ. If we doubt the words of Christ, then there is no reason to believe the Holy Spirit. We only came to know the Holy Spirit through the message of Christ. He told His disciples about the coming advent of the Hoy Spirit after His departure to be with His Father. In short, without Christ means no Holy Spirit to know of. Where can we get an accurate information about the Holy Spirit aside from Christ?

The Holy Spirit is our Helper according to our Lord Jesus Christ. We must believe Him for telling us this truth that the Holy Spirit is indeed a Helper, to some He is a Comforter. The existence of the Holy Spirit depends on the very words of Jesus Christ. It is true that they co-existed from the beginning but only Jesus Christ made the Holy Spirit known to the world, His nature, attributes and works. The Holy Spirit is true and real because because in the first place, Jesus Christ revealed Him to us through His words.

It is important to know the Holy Spirit intimately at the same level of intimacy with our Lord Jesus Christ. The reality of the Spirit being must consumed our thoughts and minds. If Christ is truly gone as He ascended to heaven, then we have only the Holy Spirit to rely on. We are not orphans because of the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Now can we imagine if there is no Holy Spirit at all? We will be helpless and out in the cold like orphans without guardians to protect us. Thank you Lord, for sending us the Holy Spirit who now live in us forever.

I shall continue the study on the Holy Spirit in the next installment of my presentation.