Thanks to our new subscribers.

We are happy to see the ever increasing flow of new subscribers visiting our website from different parts of the world. Our unique approach to the reality of following the Lord Jesus Christ and His words is simple and down to earth. We may not be theologically correct from the doctrinal and polity of religious organizations but we are a strong believers of the words of Jesus Christ. Whatever Jesus said, we obey them to the dot without compromise. We will be judged according to His words.

We are tempted to form a group comprising the die hard followers of the teachings of Christ. However, we are not inclined to become a church. People may go to their churches and still be part of our movement or elect to be churchless and continue committed to Jesus Christ and His words only. The sectarian church may help us lead a righteous life. We are not critical of the establishment churches. We are giving the benefit of the doubt allowing them to prove themselves right before God. We refrain from judging our neighbors. When Jesus says something, we take as it is, plain and simple.

We are willing to be rejected as heretics, rebuked and corrected as long as the words of Jesus Christ are the basis of the whole thing. We are ready to rise and fall on what Jesus had said. Again, in closing, we pray for the visitors of this website. We love you all.