The existence of the historical Jesus


We don’t trust all Bible scholars or historians. Some of them are alleging that Jesus does not existed at all. They kept on changing their weird theories about Jesus. Some scholars would claim that Jesus had a wife based on their archeological findings. How Jesus could have had a wife if he did not exist as a real person? There are some scholars who are claiming that they had decoded a code explicitly revealing that Jesus had real children. Again, how can Jesus had children when he is not real person but a mythological figure?

Jesus is a real person even though the Bible does not tell everything about Jesus from His birth to His accession to heaven. There are silent years of His life and the New Testament has not recorded a journal of His teenage years and when he was on his twenties. The New Testament biographical record of Jesus resumed when He was on his early thirties. Almost half of his life was a mystery. Jesus Christ as the divine Word of God is more complete than the recollection of the historical Jesus. We felt all along that the teachings of Christ is a solid foundation. Not everything Jesus did were written that we may know His full accomplishment on earth. We don’t guess or spend our time, thinking on the things that are not available to us.

Those who doubt the existence of the historical Jesus can exercise their belief anytime and anywhere. They have the total liberty to “suspect” that Jesus has never existed at all. Their action will not affect our commitment to the words of Christ. May the Lord bless them as they continue to look for another Jesus.