“You have one Teacher”

But you are not to be called rabbi,

for you have one teacher, 

and you are all brothers.

And call no man your father on earth,

for you have one Father, who is in heaven.

 Neither be called instructors,

for you have one instructor, the Christ.

Matt. 23:8-10

Basically, Jesus Christ is a Teacher. God sent Him to teach a new and higher kind of lifestyle which we may call it, the Beatitudes.  He was known as the savior of the world because of what he did on the cross but He was far more than that. He is a divine instructor, a master teacher and a rabbi with doctorate degree from heaven. You will miss the essence of the gospel truth if you miss Him as your personal teacher or mentor for life.

Have you accepted Christ as your personal savior? That is not enough to enter into His school of eternal life. You’ve got to follow and obey His teachings. Do what He says and become a student/disciple of the Lord and Master Jesus Christ . Salvation is through Christ as we live by His words. Unless you follow His words, you can not have eternal life, that is when you have enough time learn from Him and freedom to follow Him and then decide not to obey Him.

We have only one teacher from God. Jesus practiced what He taught perfectly. No other teacher had done what He did. Jesus asked His disciples to teach whatever He had commanded them. We should reject false teachers who teach another modified gospel. Many shall come in His name and misled people to believe their “improved” version of the gospel of Christ.

The early believers taught people to follow Christ under the power of the Holy Spirit. The disciples were anointed to teach but not to become teachers in place of the Lord Jesus Christ. The apostles were students like us and not teachers with authority above other people. We are all brothers and sisters in the Lord.

He confounded the teachers of the law of His time. They asked questions about eternal life and how to inherit the Kingdom of God. The religious elders were amazed by His intelligence even when He was a little boy.

The world has many teachers, professors and scholars who acquired their knowledge from somebody else whom they claimed as reliable sources. They only assumed that their research or findings were conclusively reliable facts, theories or philosophical assumptions.

This modern world can’t understand why we respecfully consider Jesus as our only “Teacher” in the kingdom of God. Our world is different from this world. We listen to His voice alone because He is our great Shepherd. Does Jesus know everything in men? If we say yes, therefore we can learn from Him through His words which is complete and perfect.

Don’t be misled when you read books by Bible scholars or higher critics. We have read tons of books and continuously reading more books, nevertheless, We are committed to Jesus Christ as our final and absolute teacher/mentor for a happy life. We always refer back to Him if we have unanswered questions in mind for He is our Way, our Truth and our Life.





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