The religion of Jesus Christ

Are you looking for a religion? You can have your own religion different from anybody else. A religion is a personal thing, a personal belief and a personal commitment. You can form it through your investigations, researches or supernatural encounters. You may also follow other religion for convenience sake without subjecting yourself into deep thinking. You may adopt the religion of your parents, nearest relatives or friends.

Does Jesus have a religion? Yes He did. What is His religion? His religion is clear and simple. You can know His religion by knowing what He says and does. He practiced His religion so it is easy to know His religion by knowing His life on earth and the Words He had spoken to us. The religion of Jesus is extremely different from the religion of the then known world. The Jews have their own religion as practiced by the pharisees, priests and followers of mosaic laws. The world has various array of religion, from atheistic to polytheistic in nature.

Christian religion claims its origin to Jesus Christ. However, you would see that the religion of the so-called christians is quite different from the His religion. Jesus Christ is non-conformist and extremely radical to the right. He was not afraid to die for the principle He believes in. He is ever loyal to His Father for He delivers the words exactly what His Father wants. His authority was not His own but of the Father.

The religion of Jesus has nothing to do with the christian religion, in fact the way christians conduct their lives is a bad reproach to the true religion. The Apostles and Church Fathers were not sparred from contaminating the religion of Christ. They added new practices and doctrines, believing that what they have introduced as new revelation were from God.

The apostolic church had no historical evidence that they followed the commandments of Jesus Christ. Compare the actions and dispositions of Christ with the acts of the early christian church. The Book of Acts does not show a display of Christ-like life among the early christians because they were not taught the pure and true gospel according to commandments of Christ. Modern Christendom is of the same fault line where the divine judgement will occur for the final catastrophic conclusion.

Unless you follow the words of Christ rigidly and love Him, your religion is not of Christ. If we only obey and keep the words of Christ, we will come up with common basic religion. His teachings are the foundation of His religion and nothing else. We are careful not to mix His teachings with the doctrines of any given church, any church we can imagine that dilutes the gospel of Christ.

Where we do go to find a true religion? Maybe in our own “closet” where we can talk to our Father in solitude, the place of the most high God. We can practice our religion anywhere we go and be the light of this world.