We Are Not Hollier Than You.

This website since it’s beginning maintains not to become one of many religious sects or church organizations. However, we are not a cult propagating a new teaching, we  have nothing new to offer. No one here had special revelation to start a new church. The word of Jesus Christ is from the beginning of time but it was made manifested 2000 years ago. Our belief is anchored and rooted upon the spoken words of Christ.

We are different breed of people for we are not like other religious fanatics or christians by name only. We follow no other Teacher and Master but the Lord Jesus Christ. We yielded to the full control of the Lord Holy Spirit and the Supreme words of Christ. We interpret His words as literal as possible because our motive is to follow Him to death. His words are easy to follow, no question about it if you are willing to forsake everything in His NAME.

There are few subscribers who are encouraging us to establish a church. The temptation is strong to start a church but for what reason. We have many churches around us. Some are good, some are terribly bad. Attend to a church where you belong or abandon the church that does not feed you with the truth. We would rather be churchless than be hypocrites and go to hell.

We love you dearly. Please don’t  be offended by our reminders. We are not hollier than you. The truth shall make us free.

Churches are mainly man-made.

It is easy to see faults and shortcomings in the established churches. There are hypocrites in the church who do not practice the faith. However, the churches are growing in converts in spite of the exodus of the dissatisfied members. Most churches have the good intention to help others and they do a real good job at it.

We believe churches of all denominations are mainly man-made and perhaps with minimal divine approval considering some supernatural manifestations associated with the organized group; such as the new birth, gift of healing and etc. There are also abuses of the gifts of the “spirit” and the commercialization of the gospel which many of these churches proudly practice tithing and giving as an act of kindness or benevolent service to humanity.

Pastors, ministers, and clergymen receive their support and livelihood from tithes and offerings. Churches are bound to promote the idea of “giving to God” to support the pastoral ministry. We know that God does not need anything because He is a self-sufficient God. Our Father is a giver more than a receiver as extolled at the sermon on the mount.

Many churches are sophisticated enough to look like profit-making fast food business. They may offer and serve good food but for profit in mind and to gain new converts.  Is it wrong to make churches as a venue for profit or crossroad for commercialization? Definitely yes. Once Jesus displayed His displeasure on those thieves who converted the house of God into a den of thieves, selling and buying commodities.

Hopefully, you are not a part of the machine, that manufactures finish product from an assembly line and considers you as a number for promotional purposes. Beware of a pastor, minister or clergyman who can preach well for they are a good salesperson, number one in the world of salesmanship.


Make it simple, accept what He says.

The Word, Jesus Christ is the voice of the eternal God. Whenever the Father speaks Jesus speaks at all times. The words he heard from His Father, those He exactly  gave them to us in pure form, raw and fresh in the spirit.

The word of God never changes and abides forever. Who is the God that never changes? He is the Father of Jesus Christ. We must accept this truth and should not be a subject of controversy. When Jesus said that God is His Father. Let it be so. He won’t lie to us for He is the Truth. Christ divinity is at stake if He lies.

The basic and main root of our belief is in the spoken words of Christ. His words are accurately preserved by the Holy Spirit handed down through generations of men. Now, we should not question the works, mission and advent of the Holy Spirit because it was Jesus Christ who taught us about the Holy Spirit.

The existence of Jesus Christ, The Father and the Holy Spirit is not a matter of our doctrinal differences. This truth originated from the Great Teacher, Jesus Christ. He started this truth and so be it.

Organic Words

As we all know, this website is purely dedicated in the propagation of the words of Jesus Christ to the whole world regardless of religion or race. We love honestly all the people of the world. We have no enemies for we love them too.

 The main practice here is to give words of Jesus Christ as simple as possible; natural and organic spoken words without theological additives.

The rule we follow is what Jesus says, we must do. His words is our guide to live by, his teachings is supreme over all religious dogmas or tenets of faith. All debates and arguments stop when Jesus begins to advance His thought and wisdom. We hear from Him and adhere to every word He had spoken. PERIOD.

We are not the sons of God if we don’t have the power to become one. Jesus Christ alone can give us the ability to become somebody after receiving Him. The transformation comes through Jesus Christ. True spiritual change is impossible to achieve without the help of the Holy Spirit. The words of Jesus are life giving spirit, dead rose up upon His command.

We follow His words, clear and simple. Life and death or heaven and hell depends on whether we obey Him or not. We are judge according to His words.

Highly Esteemed 

And He said to them, “You are those who justify yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts. For what is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God. Luke 16:15 

Jesus Christ declares that the highly esteemed by men is abomination to God. Things that you give highest value, priority, first and foremost in life. You rendered unequal estimation that you cannot live without it. 

It could be things that we treasure where your heart is. Treasure becomes a treasure depending on what your heart dictates the value of it. These are highly esteemed by men.

1. Fame.

 People would do anything to get famous. Celebrities are riding high with their social status of greatness. Jesus said, “he that is highly exalted shall be abased.” God will bring down the high and the mighty. Watch the news to see what is happening.


People get rich because they are fortunate in life. Maybe they were born from a rich family or in a country that gives opportunity to be wealthy. Jesus condemned the rich who are slaved of material things. Riches is not a guarantee to a happy life. In fact, it could be a lingering curse in your family.

3.Family and friends

We ought to love our families and friends but that should not stand between our God and us. First of all, we should love Our Lord God with all our hearts, minds and souls. Our love ones are only second to God.

According to Jesus, God hates when men highly esteemed others, put higher value than God Himself. We can argue and justify our actions, however what Jesus have said prevails.

Everlasting Life

That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:15-16

All lives started from the Life. He who claimed to be the Life is Jesus Christ. (John 14:6) Living things are not eternal from the beginning of time. The genesis of time and existence is the eternal life. He who does not have the beginning and ending is the “eternal life”. Only the Life can give eternal life. Humans  birth to a child and living things do multiply their own species.

The Holy Spirit is the only one who can bestow everlasting life through faith in Jesus Christ. Everlasting Life in Christ Jesus is an uninterrupted melody of life according to the composition of a divine Composer.

Jesus Christ is not the beginning of life, the first creation of the almighty. The Word is before the beginning and was before everything that was made as recorded in the book of Genesis.

By definition, everlasting Life never ceases, never ends and therefore should not perish. Every true believer in Christ has everlasting Life. Those who believe in Him and follow His words shall never die. Our bodies die but not our soul and spirit. Our dead bodies will be resurrected into new life as promised by the Resurrection and the Life. (John 11:25)

Fake News

A fake news is not a good news nor a bad news. It is not a news. It is in disguise as a news but actually a propaganda to discredit other person. 

The words of Jesus Christ are all true and reliable. Every dot of His words is bound to materialize as it will come to pass according its purpose. The real news is centrally bound in the person of Jesus Christ. He is the Truth and there no lie or darkness in Him. Even a bad news is a good news in Jesus Christ. He can turn our miseries to joy, fear to comfort and death to life.

It would foolish not to celebrate the day Jesus came to this world. We don’t know what day and date He came but we are thankful that He came to dwell among us. In fact, we can celebrate our new life in Christ everyday of the year whether the birth date of Jesus is on December 25 of each year or not.

The message of the angels from heaven is good news to everyone. Never a fake one. The world we lived in are full of fake things. Very few things are real anymore. People are lost in the sea of false illusions perpetuated by modern “false prophets.”